10 Best Summer Work Boots

Everyone either working for the company or self-employed must go to work no matter the weather conditions. Summer months are either hot, sunny, or both, aren’t they? Yet working must continue. So during summer, you should consider wearing the best summer work boots that cools your feet making you feel supported and comfortable the whole day despite the hiking temperatures.

Wearing unfit footwear can cause you sores, pains, and blisters that could otherwise make you lose focus, adversely affecting your performance in the workplace. Good pair of shoes to wear during hot months needs to be breathable enough to allow you to do your job effectively.

Women’s Work Boots vs. Men’s Work Boots

As the saying goes, ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’ in this new era woman are doing all jobs even those that initially thought to be men job like a construction site. The shoe women wear should also be light and comfortably, just like men’s shoes; however, their structures are different. Women’s shoes are smaller in size and narrow in width than men’s shoes.

Another bigger difference is that women’s shoes should be lighter than those of men, and also men’s footwear is less costly compared to those of women due to the demand and supply rule. The more an item demanded, the more productive and hence lesser the cost.

Advantages Of Best Summer Work Boots

They are comfortable. Comfort is essential in summer boots since that would make the user less fatigue and hence boosting the worker’s performance as opposed to unfit boots that would take the away worker concentration

Another advantage is the user protection from diseases and other accidents. Best shoes will not let in water and other contaminated fluids that would cause the feet to be smelly, or contract fungal diseases. Such boots are breathable to let insufficient air hence bringing more comfort. Summer boots made of strong upper that are stiff and can withstand falling debris protecting the user from shock.

Features of a Comfortable Summer Work Boots

During hot summer months, you should wear boots that have quality features that will allow your feet to remain cool despite the rising temperatures. Cool feet will spread the cooling effect to other parts of the body cool too.

Comfort is one of the ideal features a suitable summer boot should have. Lightweight and breathable boots will also mean they are mean the materials making them is quality and hence will make your feet always remain dry and cool

Ideal summer boots should be protective. They should have conditions like steel toe to protect your toe and also have a rubber outsole that is both waterproof and slip resistance to protect you from possible falling.

10 Best Summer Work Boots

1. Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6″ – Best Work Boots for Hot Weather

The wolverine men’s overpass 6 inch is one of the best boot wolverine brands that is based in Michigan ever designed.  They are quality hot weather work boots for any great industries that wish to have a safe and optimum performing environment. They are built to last and lightweight for the workers to use without fatigue complaints or other complications.

The boots featured fiberglass for comfort and supplemented with a max system that ensures the boot remains elastic enough to retain shape after flex and bending. With large eyelets, it is easy to lace up when in a hurry and also makes them appear attractive. The footbed has removable Ortholite cushioning and abrasion resisting toe.


  • Moisture-wicking lining maintains Feet dry and cool
  • Waterproofing premium leather upper
  • The padded collar boosts ankle support
  • Has removable Ortholite footbed cushioning
  • Have sufficient traction hence slip resistant


  • Waterproofing can be improved
  • User complains that boots sell costly

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2. XPETI Women’s Dimo Mid – Best Work Boots for Summer

Among the most reliable summer working boots, XPETI Women’s Dimo Boots are trustable with extraordinary features that are all designed to boost the performance of the user. Apart from selling at an affordable price, these shoes offer the best selection options in the market by having five different color options yet made of the same quality synthetic and fabric waterproof materials.

They come in women version that is very helpful during summer months. They help you stay dry and comfortable by possessing breathable materials. The shoes further will protect you from possible falling accidents since they come with sufficient traction.


  • Synthetic and fabric mesh upper is waterproof
  • Hydroshield waterproof membrane maintains your dry
  • With sturdy rubber outsole ensures firm ground grip
  • Has a moisture-wicking lining from the inside
  • They manufactured, lightweight


  • Runs small hence not true to size
  • Boots have no insulation

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3. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Women’s – Best Boots for Hot Weather

When looking for the boots that have top quality features that can be used by beginner and veteran hikers alike, then Columbia newton ridge plus is the best option. These boots have gain popularity due to their outstanding services they offer to the user. The breathable work boots are also light in weight, the feature that intended to make the user productive yet remain at ease afterward.

Their ability to withstand all weather conditions and surfaces markets them more. With full-grain leather uppers that are excellent waterproofing, you can be sure to have a comfortable workday as long as you are on them. These hiking and work boots are durable, well cushioning, and traction that will be a perfect fit for any woman.


  • Raised shaft for optimal ankle support
  • Designed lightweight and cushioned to offer excellent comfort
  • Features slip-free traction for better protection
  • Have adjustable lace closure
  • Designed for all terrains


  • Breathability can be improved
  • User complains that causes tiptoe pinching

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4. Keen Utility Women’s Canby AT – Best Breathable Work Boots

KEEN utility brand designed this super shoe for users in industrial and construction worksites. These best summer work boots are lightweight for fast pacing while working without having to worry about falling since their grip on the surface is excellent irrespective of the weather fluctuations. The outsole has great traction with non-marking rubber that offers real-time oil resistance.

Moreover, upper material features a waterproof well-ventilated membrane and reinforced lightweight aluminum toe box for protection against falling debris on the worksite. The upper is made of both leather and textile materials to improve on breathability.


  • A blend of leather and mesh makes them breathable
  • The midsole comprises EVA molded for better comfort
  • The outsole is both slip and oil resistant
  • Mid-cut ensures free movement and ankle protection
  • Lightweight to protect after use fatigue


  • Not protected against electrical risks
  • Synthetic uppers reduce the durability

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5. Irish Setter 83605 – 11 EE US Men’s – Best Hot Weather Boots

If you are looking for best work boots for hot weather, then Irish Setter is a one-stop option that will guarantee a haven for your quest. The fact that these boots sell at most affordable prices in the market does not mean that the designer comprised the boot quality; no boots are made light and provides optimum support. It is easy to slip on and perfect waterproof that users can wear inside water.

It features a polyurethane exterior that makes sure that you protected against shock. Although the safest standard against an electrical hazard is hard to attain, this boot hits ASTM F2413-11 standards that ensure perfect electrical safe.  The rubber outsole design on the boot will protect you against slip at all costs.


  • Comfort is guaranteed.
  • The boot has a stylish and elegant design
  • Meets all electrical hazards standards
  • Durability enhanced by leather
  • Has shock-absorbing polyurethane material


  • It is costly to buy plantar fasciitis
  • Needs to spray with lukewarm water for better condition

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6. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid – Best Summer Working Boots

These boots designed to offer great support and comfort in adverse environments. The shoes are good for hiking in the rocky, rough terrain and even climbing mountains. They designed to light for smooth movement and fast or short distance running.  With Vibram TC5 outsole promotes traction that ensures firm grip preventing possible slip accident.

Air cushioning ensures that comfort is one of the best you can ever have.  Like other best work boots, Men’s Merrell Moab 2 Mid has all qualities work in industrial or construction site would love.


  • Vibram TC5 outsole has reliable traction
  • The boots are made waterproof
  • Arch support and comfort is guaranteed
  • The upper features breathable mesh or suede
  • Lightweight yet durable design


  • User complains or narrowness
  • Their price doesn’t match the quality

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7. Men’s Dickies Escape 6″ – Best Steel Toe Boots for Summer

As the market leader, the Dickies brand has established itself as an outstanding and reputable company that works tooth and nail to get the widest market possible. What grew its reputation on footwear production is produced in various sectors like training, hiking boots, and now work boots. The 6-inch steel toe provides ankle support and toe protection while in the work site or hiking

The good thing with this best summer work boots is that they have reinforced toe guard that protects you from injuries and has midsole with absolute shock absorbing ability.


  • Designed with a padded collar and tongue for comfort
  • They have removable EVA midsole for flexibility
  • Built with abrasion-free heel and toe guard
  • Features fabric material to wick moisture
  • Boots designed, lightweight.


  • User feel boots are overrated
  • Too light to compromise durability

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8. Timberland PRO Titan – Lightweight Men’s Summer Work Boots

Irrespective of how long these shoes will remain on your feet, you can have a whole day comfortable wearing them and never experience fatigue or pain whatsoever. These men’s hot summer boots feature premium soft leather material that ensures the break-in time is as minimal as possible.

The boots meet all the set standards for work boots in the safest status possible that is ASTM F2412-11. They are manufactured with lightweight polyurethane midsole yet durable enough to give good customer service. Torsional rigidity and support enhanced by nylon diffusion shank.


  • The rubber outsole is oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant
  • Meets all set electric hazards safe standard
  • Features sock cover with temperature regulating technology
  • Mesh lining that allows free air circulation
  • Has padded footbed for comfort


  • Sole durability not good enough
  • Users complain of short laces

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9. KEEN Utility Detroit XT – Men’s Hot Weather Work Boots

Keen Utility designed Detroit XT  work boots that are recommendable for any industrial use. The boots were designed with quality and intent to make a real worth name through word of mouth. Users have praised the shoes not only because they true to size, but they also have sufficient room in the toe area to make them move freely.  3 part interlock system midsole further facilitates shoe stability.

The boots made with an ideal slip-resistant rubber outsole that makes them recommendable for use even in soft concrete. Detroit boots are waterproof that you can have your feet while on boots submerged in the water, yet the feet remain dray and still breathable.


  • Breathable even on submerging
  • Visibility and safety enhanced by reflective webbing
  • Surface grip with slip and oil resisting outsole
  • Steel toe for safety
  • True to sizing


  • Outsole cement attachment detaches with time
  • Price above $100 is expensive

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10. Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc 6″ – Comfortable Summer Boots

Red wind wing is a reputable brand that has been in existence for over 110 years, which earns them enough experience enough to learn what quality is the best for its customers. The 6-inch boots can offer an imaginable comfort that you can wear the work boot the whole day, and nothing will induce pain at all.

Wearing the heritage men’s classic boots will allow you to experience the power of the ant slippage shoes that gives optimum support on your foot. These lightweight men’s hot weather boots


  • Features triple stitching that adds quality and elegance
  • Has durable leather laces
  • The upper made of soft waterproof leather
  • They come with an extended guarantee
  • Trends boost Their traction


  • Not affordable enough
  • The outsoles wear out soon

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Criteria For Buying Best Boots for Summer Work

There are various things to consider when buying the best summer work boots. Summer boots must possess unique characteristics to remain comfortable not only during the summer season but also be able to adopt the changes after season transition from hot temperatures to high rainfalls.

Boots should be breathable enough. If not allowing sufficient airflow, they will not be able to maintain the user at cool status. Always go for the boots that will allow proper air circulation. They should offer excellent arch support. Shoes that have wanting arch support will not allow your body to align appropriately with the lower back area. Designing the boots without minding arch support can induce issues with back pain falling arches and more.

Work boots should be both slip and oil resistance. So many cases of accidents that happen in the workplace result from poor traction of the outsoles. In most industries, oil spillage is frequent. Therefore it should invest in shoes that are will save you from slippery floors.

Weight and comfort make a lot of difference in your work shoes since heavy boots will meanwhile you walk here and there in the work station by the time you leave the workplace you will suffer fatigue. Discomfort also alters personal concentration hence performance.

Finally, work shoes should be waterproof. If they let in water, then that will mean they can allow bad fluids that may destroy your foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Steel Toe Required?

Yes, they may be required. Working in the construction site, the insurance and state approving bodies may need works to use steel toe for their safety against falling debris.

What Type Of Work Is A Composite Toe Boot Suited For?

Composite toe boots users strong non-materials to design; they used in worksites that use metal detectors because they have excellent resistance. Their controlled resistivity makes them suitable for engineers and electricians.

What Socks Are Better In Hot Weather Conditions?

It is recommendable to use wool socks in hot weather conditions because wool is a light and soft material that has natural antimicrobial, which helps keep odor away.

What’s The Ideal Break-in Period For Work Boots?

When you buy new work boots, there is no alternative but to break in as soon as possible. However, before the work shoes adapt to the shape of your feet, that may take around 3 to 5 weeks. Before the break-in, sometimes you may expect some blisters or so.

Table of Best Summer Work Boots


As they say, prevention is better than cure, workplace injuries are common, but using equipment that can help reduce the chances of risk can be ideal.  Wearing best summer work boots during the summer season can protect you, your family, or company from complications resulting from wearing poor shoes. Therefore, it is even better to invest in steel toe shoes and pay higher prices than risking your health.