Best Salsa Dance Shoes

10 Best Salsa Dance Shoes

Are you a salsa dancer, looking for shoes that will help boost your performance? Just like athletes, experienced salsa dancers know that the leeway to salsa expertise is investing in the right shoes. The best salsa dance shoes will help to keep balance and support your feet.

High-quality shoes will help you spend a long time on the salsa competition comfortably and remain safe from fatigue, blisters, and other woes.

Before choosing salsa shoes, be sure to buy the right one without compromising your budget.

Review: Best Salsa Dance Shoes 2022

NameMade ofSoleCheck Price
TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Salsa Dance ShoesSatinSuedeNo products found.
YKXLM Men's Leather Latin Dance ShoesLeatherLeatherNo products found.
Ellie Shoes Women's 254 Lucille Dress PumpSatinLeatherNo products found.
Gogodance Men's Boys Professional Lace-up Black Leather Latin Salsa Tango Ballroom Modern Dance ShoesLeatherLeatherNo products found.
CLEECLI Low Heel Ballroom Dance ShoesSatin and mesh
SuedeNo products found.
Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance ShoeSyntheticSuedeNo products found.
Chase & Chloe New Kimmy-36 Women's Teardrop Cut Out T-Strap Mid Heel Dress PumpsSyntheticSyntheticNo products found.
DREAM PAIRS Women's Amore Fashion Stilettos Open Toe Pump Heel SandalsSyntheticSyntheticNo products found.
DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes Women Black Satin Lace UpSatinSuedeNo products found.
Dancing Ballroom Latin Social Salsa Tango Dance ShoesLeatherSuedeNo products found.

1. Ttdancewear Women’s Rhinestone Latin Dance Shoes

No products found.

Ttdancewear Women’s Rhinestone is high quality and reliable shoe that is the best dance shoe for salsa. These women’s shoes are unique for providing super comfort. They come in various colors that you can match with your best outfit for any occasion.

Ttdancewear shoes have up between 2.5 to 3.0 inches heel height and offer perfect ankle stability to allow safe hips motion during vigorous salsa performance. They come open on the upper to breath free, with adjustable straps that you can adjust to achieve a comfortable fit.


  • Features satin upper making allowing them breath free
  • Quick-release buckles for ballroom and salsa perfection
  • Comes in various colors to match any outfit
  • Varied heel height for wider user choice
  • Satin and rhinestones bring the elegant classic appearance


  • Just right for wider feet only
  • Stability can be enhanced
No products found.

2. YKXLM – Men’s Leather Outsole – Best Salsa Shoes

No products found.

If you want stylish and most elegant looking dancing shoes for men, then the top quality special YKXLM brand is the best choice for you.

Yes, it is a particular type of lightweight shoe because, unlike almost all shoes that feature either suede or rubber outsole, these shoes have leather outsole and suede heel.

The shoes have enough cushioning, making them abrasion-free and minimizing bulkiness bringing forth perfect narrow footwear for smart performance.

The design is flexible and suitable for anyone, be it an amateur Latin salsa dancer, or experienced expert dancer. They come in different colors and heel sizes, the overall best option for your preference.


  • Comes in shiny colors variety to choose
  • A flexible outsole that can twist in or out
  • Attractive streamline enhancing the dancer’s beauty
  • Varied heel height for amateur and professionals choice
  • Have few eyelets for easy lacing


  • Too narrow hence not fit for wide footed
  • Leather outsole compromises the overall durability.
No products found.

3. Women’s Ellie Shoes 254 Lucille – Best Salsa Dancing Shoes

No products found.

With these shoes, you can be sure that the dancing will be totally comfortable. There are various shoes for salsa dance, but this model by Elie shoe brand comes packed with qualities and styles that make it one of the most demanded salsa dance footwear in the market.

These elegant design shoes will help women spin with the best flexibility on partners’ hands.

The vintage look is favored with an at-strap that is fixed at the back of the ankle, enhancing comfort and stability to allow ease when maneuvering stylistic moves. Girls that love dresses are lucky enough as this model matches well with any dancing dress or even formal wear.


  • Durable due to leather upper and rubber outsole
  • Features adjustable strap that runs around the ankle
  • Easy to wash and quick to dry
  • Reliable additional to experienced and amateur users
  • Offers excellent heel to toe stability


  • No color variety, only black
  • Slim straps may cause blisters
No products found.

4. Gogodance Men’s Boys – Professional Salsa Dance Shoes

No products found.

Since quality has always been in the issue with most men’s shoes, these models by Gogodance will bridge all your worries in one stop. Investing in salsa dance shoes, all your comfort worries will be solved, and they feature proper cushions that ensure comfort, and foot fit is the top priority.

The long-lasting pure leather upper ensures a smooth look that gives the dancer courage or confidence to slid onto the dance floor.

The moisture-absorbing lining ensures the foot is ever dry, and the suede outsole also guarantees total non-slip performance. Also, these shoes are resilient to use on any occasion, salsa, ballroom dancing, or wedding events.


  • Features elegant moisture absorbing lining
  • Pure leather and suede insole ensures long-lasting service
  • Resilience to use on various occasion
  • The attractive and stylish design commands the market
  • Designed lightweight for natural motion


  • Comes in black color only
  • No varied heel, no wide sizes
No products found.

5. CLEECLI Women’s – Ballroom And Latin Salsa Dance Shoes

No products found.

For the Latin salsa dance shoes that will never disappoint even if you dance up to 3 hours non-stop or use them daily, then the shoes to match such description is none other than CLEECLI Dancing shoes.

The shoes come in 3 definite attractive colors with a nice forefoot fixed strap pattern and ankle adjustable strap to fit the desired status for an excellent performance.

For enhanced stability, the shoes come with thing light straps, softening, and elastic latex midsole to really bring the taste of a modern lady. The soft suede outsole ensures that the shoes do not have much surface grip, which would end up making the user tired while dancing.


  • Lightweight with adjustable straps for easy movement
  • Features modern technology in style and design
  • Shoes come in standard and accurate sizing
  • Comfortable yet offer color and size variety
  • Flexible featuring quality satin and breathable upper mesh


  • Not the best option for non-fashion lovers
  • Not durable enough
No products found.

6. Capezio Men’s SD103 – Best Dance Shoes for Salsa

No products found.

For a special Latin look, Capezio SD103 brings quality and sense to new era ballroom and the best salsa shoes. The shoe upper comes with a classic lacing system that features synthetic leather on the upper to guarantee softness and tenderness.

Designed with a moisture-wicking thin lining, the textile material forming the lining will ensure that your feet always remain dry.

The padded insole is cushioned enough, preventing possible blistering apart from ensuring perfect shock, absorbing all these aiming at protecting you from joint pains and fatigue. The heel and forefoot suede boost traction hence stability and flexible experience.


  • Padded and cushioned to absorb shock
  • Moisture-wicking lining ensuring dry feet
  • Lace-up closure system provides uninterrupted comfort
  • Soft lightweight upper ensures a fatigue-free experience
  • Features Achilles notch preventing blistering


  • Have no reliable breathability
  • Sizes run small, and not everyone gets a fitting size
No products found.

7. Chase & Chloe New Kimmy-36 – Women’s Salsa Dancing Shoes

No products found.

Many ladies and women alike have come to love this model by chase & Chloe, whether dancing enthusiasts or just for casual and official wear.

The shoes come in an attractive design that every ladies feel attracted to. They are designed lightweight and 3.0 heel height. The toe area is enclosed and roomy to offer more ball support and room for big toe mobility.

The cushioning on the Teardrop cut-out design will enable an experienced salsa dancer to use them the comfortably whole day and remains okay. The Faux suede upper material allows smooth airflow and sucks the moisture on the enclosed round area.


  • Slip resistance yet allows easy movement
  • The round-toe carry the bodyweight and free movement
  • Comes true to sizing
  • Closed ankle back for backside protection
  • Adjustable strap fits the shoe as desired


  • The material making wears out soon
  • Heels too high for amateur dancers
No products found.

8. Women’s Dream Pairs Amore Fashion Stilettos

No products found.

DREAM PAIRS specializes more in elegant open shoes for women. Those that love high heels for official purposes or casual wear, these Amore Fashion Stilettos can give you the quality experience of your preference.

The shoes made in the USA are only 3 inches high, but this amazing shining look attracts everyone.

The shoes have an adjustable ankle strap for comfort. The TPR rubber outsole gives the shoes a firm ground grip to avoid unnecessary slippage while dancing. These professional dancers’ shoes make the skilled users spin their way to the trophy.


  • Faux leather insole padding absorbs shock perfectly
  • Stability and balance enhanced by TPR rubber outsole
  • Open to allow free airflow
  • Come lightweight to offer a fatigue-free experience
  • Footbed cushions and straps ensure a comfortable fit


  • Wear out easily
  • Not ideal for beginners
No products found.

9. Dlisiting Women’s – Best Latin Dance Shoes

No products found.

Dlisiting shoes ensure comfort and stability is given the very first priority by extra padding. Further, the adjustable strands aimed at molding the shoes to match and conform to the shoes ensure more fit, and more comfort.

Most salsa dancing shoes come very narrowly to disappoint the enthusiast who has large-sized feet. Still, this women’s model comes with more features aiming to end the worries of the person with a large foot.

No matter the type of dance you are doing, the salsa dancers enjoy stability and fitness through adjustable strands.


  • Adjustable straps for flexibility and stability
  • Have suede leather for top traction
  • Lightweight and cushioned to boost comfort
  • The strap lacing system ease slip-on and adjustment
  • Retails at a very affordable budget


  • The straps are designed for large foot
  • Straps detach easily hence don’t last
No products found.

10. Dancing Latin Social Salsa Tango – Comfortable Salsa Shoes

No products found.

The most attractive shoes have reinforced heels, with a suede outsole that ensures that balance and stability are at the optimal point. For this reason, both veterans and beginners alike choose these shoes.

The microfiber insoles provide sufficient shock absorption and comfort. The strip’s strength ensures that there is no chance that the shoes can slip off during the performance.


  • The heel tip guarantees flexibility and stability
  • Comfort is enhanced by foam cushions
  • There are two disparate designs
  • Straps around the ankle ensure firmness
  • Sells at most affordable price


  • Shoes do not run right to sizing
  • Durability can be improved
No products found.

Difference Between Salsa and Ballroom Dance

In a ballroom dance, the pace is in slow motion, dances dance slowly and carefully as they hold their hands on each other. Whereas salsa dance is a high pace or speed dancing where the dancer does hip work rhythmic with the music beat.

Salsa dancers can choose to be individual dancers, and the auditors just give marks according to the skills of the performers based on their flexibility and techniques.

Although sometimes salsa dancers can be a group of more than one person dancing against the other group, ballroom dancing is strictly two people and, in most, if not all, cases, different genders. Salsa dancing takes various styles of dance, just like ballroom dance has.

Why Is Heel Height Essential for Salsa Dance?

There is so much you should take care of when it comes to salsa dance heel height. Usually, a higher heel height makes someone look taller and beautiful.

However, the high heels are not for everyone but mostly for experienced dancers. Beginner dancers if they use high heels that will compromise their balance and comfort.

Moreover, heel height brings the weight to the ball of the feet, making it easy to change movement swiftly and in rhythm with the beats.

Despite all these goodies that come along with heel height, the height should be moderate if possible, up to 2 feet to allow proper posture. Higher than that may lead to back pains, foot balls, or bunions.

The Benefit of a Good Salsa Dance Shoes

Good dancing shoes have some benefits; they help absorb shock, offer stability, and position the foot firmly. Ideal salsa shoes have proper pudding and extensive cushioning across the footbed with materials that support the arches and heels. This will allow you to have a comfortable dancing experience.

Easy to move and spin effortlessly. Shoes specifically designed for salsa performance have just a moderate grip but still, remain flexible to pool and run smoothly with the performer’s wish.

You will realize that most sala dancing shoes have suede outsole rather than standard rubber to minimize ground grip that can lead to knee or hip injuries.

Criteria for Buying the Best Shoes for Salsa Dance


Going for the most comfortable shoes will help you get the exact service you want as you remain free from fatigue or pains. Going for tight shoes can cause some blisters and affect your performance.

Support and Fit

The correct salsa footwear must support your ankle and heel perfectly. The insole padding and straps need to offer comfort and support your fit while dancing ideally. Also, they should fit well enhanced by a strap or lacing to avoid slip off during spinning.

Size and Height of the Heel

Always go for the correct size shoes that will fit you perfectly. Do not hesitate to return the shoes you previously purchased as unfit shoes have more damage than excellent ones. Moreover, conceder minding the height of the heels.

If you are a beginner, use lower heels below 3 inches but for experienced, it is okay to go for higher heels. If you go for high heels carelessly, you may end up hurrying your ankle, hips, or back pain in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Use My Regular Shoes to Dance Salsa?

The reason is that regular shoes are not as flexible as salsa’s intended shoes. The salsa shoes are designed uniquely with proper cushions plus a spacious toe room for dancing comfort.

Do I Really Need a Salsa Dance Shoe?

Yes, because the best salsa dance shoes are created with a purpose in mind and are therefore created with features that will allow easy spinning. The particular shoes that can work nicely on salsa dance will help you gain more skills with time.

How Can I Manage and Keep My Salsa Dance Shoe in Good Condition?

There are a few things you can do; firstly, you should brush using a suede brush if you are using suede-soled shoes. Also, use cleaning oil, to help keep your shoes on always moisturized status. And finally polishing should be regular.

Can I Wear High Heels If My Dance Partner Is Way Taller Than I Am?

The height of your partner does not affect whether you should use high heels or not. You should use high heels if that makes you feel more comfortable and confident.


You may, of course, have a lot of ideas on finding the best shoes for salsa dance. However, this post will drive more information that maybe you never knew. The list will help you make the perfect decision on the most comfortable footwear that will guarantee smooth salsa performance.

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