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12 Best Deadlift Shoes Reviews 2022

There are many confusions about the best shoes for deadlifts and squats currently available online. These shoes are quite different from the other running ones since they are supposed to hold the foot of heavy weight lifters in a supported and stable position.

This type of shoes has extra cushioning so that it can handle all the sudden additional weight that pressed against it. No other type of compatible shoe could hold such high pressure and not be worn out right away. It could have deadly consequences in the health of the user as well, which is most important.

The following deadlift shoes are designed to keep you safe, comfortable, and looking great.

Benefits of Deadlifting Shoes

A pair of deadlift shoes will give you the chance to get support and better traction. The anatomy of your feet is also a great benefit to the use of deadlift shoes. They can cover up the side parts of the feet where the pressure from the ground comes directly.

Additionally, these deadlifting shoes are offering massive protection to the toe fingers. It means that most of the people will find them roomier and spacey to move their fingers and gain more stability. Without question, the benefits of using deadlift footwear are numerous.

Review: 10 Best Shoes for Deadlift And Squats

NameMade ofSoleCheck Price
adidas Men's Adipower Weightlifting Cross TrainerTextileSynthetic soleCheck Price
Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 335 Powerlifting Weight Lifting Training ShoesSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave SneakerSyntheticRubberCheck Price
New Balance Men's Mx20v6 Minimus Cross TrainerSyntheticRubberCheck Price
ASICS Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling ShoeTextile and SyntheticRubberCheck Price
Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0SyntheticRubberCheck Price
Nike Romaleos 3 Mens Weighlifting ShoesSyntheticRubberCheck Price
ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling ShoeSyntheticRubberCheck Price
Otomix Men's Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA & Wrestling ShoesLeather and syntheticRubberCheck Price
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic High Top SneakersTextileRubberCheck Price

1. Adidas Adipower – Best Shoes for Deadlifting

These are the most recent shoes that the Adidas giant has presented to the male public. They are stiff enough to hold the wrestler or the weight lifter in his effort.

The heel and the outsole of the shoe are specifically designed to hold extravagant weight and be soft and supportive at the same time. There is no need for extra cushioning since the absorbance of pressure is performed by the whole mass of the shoe.


  • Full Leather and Imported
  • PU-coated leather upper for comfort and support
  • Adjustable hook and loop instep strap for foot integrity
  • Heel overlay for superb lightweight
  • Vent Flow openings in the outsole for fell comfort


  • The toe box is a little bit narrow
  • Metal eyelets of the shoes may fall off

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2. Inov-8 Fastlift 335 – Best Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

Second, on the list of the best shoes for deadlifts and squats is Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 335.

Adequate for women that are exercising weightlifting since they have innovative insoles that hold the foot steady during the procedure of lifting heavyweights. The inner fabric gives the assurance of no sweat and holds the inner grip of the foot.

There is a special structural system applied called the METAFLEX that ensures great flexibility and comfort to the forefoot. Not to mention that these shoes are specially designed to ensure Precision Fit which offers a steady fit that makes sure there is a minimal internal movement of the foot.


  • Full of textile and synthetic
  • Breathable-mesh upper with supportive overlays
  • Lace-up closure with hook and loop strap
  • Meta flex forefoot technology
  • External heel cage to secure fit and durable
  • They are flexible and sturdiness


  • The toe box isn’t wide enough for a small number of athletes.
  • May the tongue dug into the skin

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3. Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 – Best Shoes for Deadlift

The Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Shoe is an affordable, lightweight deadlift shoe that comes from a very reputable and trusted brand. They will provide great adapters to every wrestler or weight lifter feet. They have solid insoles to make sudden pressure be absorbed easily and without spoiling the geometry of the shoe.

The CrossFit Nano integrates the most top of the art innovations for the forefoot that gives more flexibility to the user when he most needs it at the high peak of the effort. The sock liner cushions are firmly supporting the ankle and give the shoe exceptional strength.


  • Synthetic and imported
  • High arch support
  • They are durable and comfortable
  • The design of the shoe is unique
  • Maximum colors available to choose


  • They aren’t perfect for distance running
  • The lace-up system isn’t perfect commented by some user

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4. Reebok TR Mid 2.0 GR – Best Deadlifting Shoes

These shoes are also best for deadlifting, which is the most demanding shoes in the market. They offer stability when lifting and you do not have to worry about your feet being sweaty and wet. You will find these shoes very Comfortable and true to size.

This pair of shoes combines the benefits of running and CrossFit shoes that are apparent in key wear areas of this kind of footwear. The rubber heel is made of carbon that makes it a lot durable than in the past.


  • 100% textile and synthetic
  • The rubber outsole for better grip
  • Duragrip toe cap for protection
  • Duragrip toe cap on upper
  • Durable mid-cut silhouette for stability


  • Minimal number of color variety
  • No reflective features

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5. New Balance MX20V6 Minimus – Best Shoes to Deadlift in

A blockbuster pair of shoes that available for deadlifts and squats. The shoe is very lightweight and it is a mixture of synthetic, mesh, and rubber with a stylish look.

These shoes give an immediate and direct touch of the athlete with the ground floor. The outsole increases the durability of the shoe, while the sole and collar are made of molded foam that can easily take the shape of the foot.


  • 100% Synthetic and TPU
  • Revlite midsole
  • Vibram Outsole
  • No-sew material
  • Excellent support and comfortable


  • Minimal number of color available
  • Size may vary for wide feet

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6. ASICS Matflex 5-M – Deadlifting Shoes

Another great shoe that is the best shoes for deadlifts and squats that you can choose for your deadlifting. These shoes can also be considered as wrestling shoes for deadlifting which can be an easy procedure if you put on this footwear.

You can buy at an entry-level price for wrestling taking advantage of the new mat flex 5 which can give you extra comfort and foot support. Enjoy increased breathability and immense traction that can keep you alive in the field.


  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • They provide excellent comfort and support
  • Mesh uppers with synthetic overlays
  • Lightly padded collar and tongue
  • Rubber outsole for traction and breathability


  • Available only in black color
  • The outsole is thin according to a few users

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7. Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 – Good Shoes for Deadlifting

The Reebok shoes that claim to be the wrestling shoes for deadlifting right now on the market. Great shape and innovative style these shoes have all the package for you to pick them up and never let them down.

These well-known shoes are capable of giving you the strength and stability needed to lift heavy weights and exceed your personal goals. They are a significant part of your success and you could easily wear them throughout the athlete sessions.


  • 100% Synthetic and imported
  • Full grain leather toe for comfort and secure fit
  • Traditional lace-up
  • Dual hook and loop straps to stability
  • They are dry and cool
  • A high abrasion rubber outsole increases durability and traction


  • Not enough perfect for weightlifting
  • They are tight and narrow according to a few users

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8. Nike Romaleos 3 – Best Wrestling Shoes for Deadlifting

Finally, Nike the world-famous shoe brand has developed for deadlift shoes ever presented to the public that can even become the best shoes for sumo deadlift as well.

This innovative pair of shoes are intended for hard weight training that involves a lot of pressure on the heels and the foot arch. The message proliferated by Nike is getting greater support for greater strength.

This is the only pair of shoes with interchangeable insoles that provide extra comfort to all users while being stylish.


  • Made with fabric and synthetic
  • Breathable upper
  • They are comfort and fit
  • The hell is sturdy and supportable
  • Many users were delighted that the trainer ran true to size and width.
  • The lightweight construction perfect for deadlift shoe


  • The tongue may quickly tore off
  • The price is too high

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9. Inov-8 Fastlift 335 – Good Deadlift Shoes

The INOV brand has made an exceptional work on these shoes by enabling the user to lift more weights without pressing the heels so terribly.

The INOV power truss heel system enhances stability and increases comfort level during the exercise. On the other hand, this shoe claims to be the lighter among the competition. Not to mention, that the shoes are intensively flexible as long as the materials used are following the human body architecture. Overall, they are the best shoes for deadlifts and squats.


  • Full of Synthetic and imported
  • They provide better stability and flexibility
  • Nylon ripstop perfect upper
  • Adjustable hook and loop instep strap
  • The removable molded footbed
  • Padded tongue and collar


  • Minimal number of color available now
  • The may vary for small feet

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10. ASICS JB Elite V2.0 – Best Squatting Shoes

A real competition pair of shoes that ranks high in the shoes for deadlifting and makes the effort of the wrestlers an easy task. Its rubber compound split sole design using special “serradial” traction pods offers maximum traction and flexibility.

The specifically redesigned upper top of the shoes creates a breathable single-layer mesh body that facilitates the abandoning of heat and sweat and the hygiene of the foot alongside with extreme comfort.

Besides, the newly designed tongue which is less bulky than before meets all the tournament regulation for wrestlers.


  • 100% Synthetic
  • Highly supported
  • Fashionable style to look
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Comfortable outsole


  • Measurements may vary by size
  • Not for wide feet

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11. Sabo Women’s Deadlifting Shoes

These Sabo shoes are among the best shoes for sumo deadlift and other wrestling training sessions. This manufacturer has managed to produce quality shoes at an affordable price for all the range of weight lifters and wrestlers.

The combination of synthetic leather and fabric creates an upper mesh of the shoe that keeps always clean and dry enhancing the hygiene and the comfort of the user. The rubber sole is increasing the stability during the lifting or wrestling effort giving extra grip and traction no matter what type of floor you are standing on.

They are lightweight on the market and give a stylish impression to whoever is wearing them.


  • Made with fabric and synthetic leather
  • They are especially for deadlifting
  • Non-marking outsole for traction
  • Comfortable and fit
  • High cut upper


  • Minimal color option
  • They provide minimal retention according to some reviewers

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12. Vibram KSO EVO – Best Shoes for Sumo Deadlift

This is an impressive pair of best shoes for deadlifts and squats with brand new features and unique style. They will give you extra comfort and stability for deadlifts.

The development of an extra thin sole (5mm) is encouraging the good form and enhances the great durability and absorbing capacity. Another great feature is the specially developed materials that can make a difference in the way people look while performing their wrestling. Not to mention that this shoe is blade lug designed as well as comfortable to wear.


  • 100% Polyester Fabric and imported
  • Rubber sole for stability
  • Lightly padded tongue
  • Machine washable
  • Standard design
  • XS Trek Outsole


  • The lace-up system not most secure
  • A little bit expensive

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How To Find The Right Shoes for Deadlift

The deadlift has been one of the best sports you can have in a gym. It will make you feel great once more and develop your muscle system. However, you need to have the best shoes for squats and deadlifts if you want to be balanced when practicing.

The only way to find the best shoes for deadlift keeps on being knowing your limits. You need to know the exact size of your feet and what you need to do so that you are comfortable in them. Most of the time, you only need to measure your height and weight and then adjust the shoes to your particular feet size.

Feature of Good Shoes for Deadlift

The best shoes for squats and deadlifts are having all the same features. First, they need to be heavier at the bottom part to make them give you enhanced balance when needed.

Then you need to have them in many colors and shapes. It can help you become a lot more satisfied every time you are wearing them up. Additionally, the shoes need to be breathable, having extra holes to the side parts of the feet. It will help the sweat and the inner heat to get easily removed from your feet, keeping you dry for the rest of the day.

Finally, the cushioning needs to be in the right way so that it will not harm the natural anatomy of your feet. The heel and foot curve areas are the ones that need to become protected by your shoes. Deadlifts can be a deadly sport if you practice it without the right equipment.

What To Look For in Deadlift Shoes

If you want to look something for deadlift shoes, then you should probably check for the brand. You need to have the most famous brand so that you know that they will have an extended life span.


Comfort is a must-have feature for the deadlift. Because when you are in a workout, you lose your energy. If your footwear makes more discomfort, nothing becomes worst for you. The more comfort you get, the more energetic you will get. So, collect comfortable deadlift shoes.

Arch Support

Another important thing is Arch support, consideration when you are choosing the good shoes for deadlifts and squats. Arch is the organ that offers the ability to move, jump, or rotate easily. So, a shoe with arch support is important to collect for deadlifting.


Choosing the best shoes for deadlifting, you should give importance to how much long-lasting your shoe is. For getting the proper support and comfort, a durable shoe can offer you that much flexibility. You should also remember that deadlifting shoes tend to fell apart so quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it better to deadlift without shoes?

There is no chance you are going to make it if you want to deadlift without shoes. Probably, you are going to hurt yourself since the free weights are going to fall over your feet and make you suffer a severe injury.

Q. Should you deadlift in squat shoes?

The squat shoes are similar to the deadlift ones. Only that the latter has a pointy nose on the toe fingers area, which is different than the squat ones that are mostly flat. However, there is no contraindication to have the squat shoes on for the deadlift practice.

Q. What are the best shoes to squat in?

The best shoes to squat in are the sneakers that are having a higher top. This will become the best companion of yours every time you decide to practice squat. They are lightweight and offer you a unique protection profile.

Q. Can I use squat shoes for deadlift?

Squat shoes are suitable for deadlift since they are heavy enough to keep you stable and have the same amount of cushioning. Make sure that you always keep them clean and in good shape. It is essential for the well-being of your feet and your image as well.

Q. What shoes should I wear to deadlift?

If you want to deadlift, you can wear sneakers or rocker shoes. Both are doing great with the deadlift and protect your feet from accidental impacts with free weights.

Most of the people practice with deadlift shoes and find them more comfortable to wear them in their leisure time as well.

Table of 10 Best Shoes for Deadlift

1 adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer... adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer... 4.7 $$
2 Inov-8 Women's Fastlift 315 Cross Training... Inov-8 Women's Fastlift 315 Cross Training... 4.2 $$
3 Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer,... Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer,... 4.6 $$
4 Reebok Women's Crossfit lite tr-w, Reflection Blue/Timeless... Reebok Women's Crossfit lite tr-w, Reflection Blue/Timeless... 4.3 $$
5 New Balance Men's Minimus 20 V6 Cross Trainer, Electric... New Balance Men's Minimus 20 V6 Cross Trainer, Electric... */5 $$
6 ASICS Men's Matflex 5-M, Black/Silver, 10 M US ASICS Men's Matflex 5-M, Black/Silver, 10 M US 4.2 $$
7 Reebok Mens CrossFit Lifter 2.0 Solar Gold-Steel-Batik... Reebok Mens CrossFit Lifter 2.0 Solar Gold-Steel-Batik... */5 $$
8 Nike Romaleos 3 852933-700 Volt/Black Leather CrossFit Mens... Nike Romaleos 3 852933-700 Volt/Black Leather CrossFit Mens... 4.4 $$
9 Inov-8 Men's Fastlift 325-M, Black/White, 11 D US Inov-8 Men's Fastlift 325-M, Black/White, 11 D US 4.4 $$
10 ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe, Granite/Green... ASICS Men's JB Elite V2.0 Wrestling Shoe, Granite/Green... 4.6 $$



I hope this list of the best shoes for deadlifts and squats was helpful. Select shoes for deadlifts and squats with your budget, size, and type of training that will fit you perfectly. If you have a suggestion for deadlifts and squats shoes, let me know in the comments section below.

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