What Kind of Shoes Do Nurses Wear

What Kind of Shoes Do Nurses Wear?

What Kind of Shoes Do Nurses Wear

Nursing profession difficulties

Nurses are constantly standing up to serve patients. Not to mention that they are covering long distances in the hospital corridors to give adequate care to people that are in need, cooperate with doctors and other health professionals and even bring medications to the rooms from the central pharmacy.

These tasks do require special types of shoes that are competent enough to give comfort to the nurses while keeping the right shape of their feet.

Anatomical shoes are those that can guarantee satisfaction to nurses since they gather all the benefits of the sneakers while being formal enough to be worn in a professional hospital environment.

The hospital can be a perilous place to walk. Fluids and several other nursing related products can be spilled over to the floor, and the nurses are in constant danger of sliding when walking quickly.

That is why nurses, shoes should have highly sophisticated outsoles that give more friction with the ground and provide better grip when you are walking.

Which are the right shoes for nurses?

There are a lot of shoes that are competing for the best shoes for nurses. Lately, anatomic shoes have been identified as the ideal shoes for the nursing profession for a variety of reasons.

First, they are a lot more comfortable compared to other types of shoes. Their low elevated outsoles give you more balance without having the threat to fall when you are meeting uneven surfaces.

Comfort is also guaranteed by the extra thorough cushioning that is applied to every anatomic pair of shoes. The heel area, as well as the foot curve, are perfectly protected by the cushioned insole that makes a difference from wearing any other type of shoes.

Also, the outsole has a perfect grip on the most slippery surfaces. This is because larger lugs applied to the outer part of the outsole giving more friction to the ground than ever before.

This friction reassures you off balance at all times, especially in places like hospitals where accidental spilling of fluids is an everyday incident.

This breathability is highly appreciated by nurses worldwide since it permits them to work for long hours without the awful sweating feeling.

Shoes that nurses should avoid.

When working in a hospital, nurses should avoid wearing shoes with high heels. These shoes are completely inadequate for the nature of the work needed. The higher elevation of the outsole gives you fewer chances to balance your body weight. Many times, this leads to accidental falls and injuries.

Moreover, the boots not included in the category of shoes that may help nurses perform their tasks easily. This kind of shoe is heavier than the normal ones giving more feelings of fatigue and stress to the nurses.

On the other hand, they are not promoting breathability to the inner part of the feet, which can easily provoke discomfort to the nurses.

Additionally, the slippers are not the right shoes for the nursing profession. While they are light enough to help nurses running quickly through the hospital corridors, they are also providing zero balance.

Lack of outer lugs on the outsole, and the lack of upper mesh and shaft. Nurses should always stay away from slippers when working since they don’t give them a professional look while being at work.


The nursing profession is demanding in terms of human effort and basic outfit needs if you are a nurse working in a hospital, you need to take care of your feet and always choose adequate pairs of shoes for your daily workload.

The types of shoes that are competent enough to give you more stamina and a professional appearance at work are the ones that improve your anatomical needs. The orthotics shoes can easily give you all the benefits you need, with reduced weight and extra breathability being some of their pluses.

You better make a good selection of shoes; otherwise, you will feel entrapped into a situation where potential injuries may always hide when working.

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